Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I am enjoying the Olympics. The Equestrian show jumping tonight was great with Germany just holding out Australia for the gold. Leisel Jones won her first individual gold medal in her third Olympics. The Boomers crashed again but the Hockeyroos and the Kookaburras are bothing unbeaten. It's a sports feast and I have two TVs and the radio going most of the time.

The highlight today was seeing a kayaker from Togo win his countries first ever Olympic medal, a bronze, though from his joyous reaction you'd have thought he'd won the gold. He pumped his arms then snapped his paddle across the bow of his kayak in celebration. It was a great moment.

Sport Boy is just as into it as I am and tonight requested that he be allowed to take the portable TV with him when he went to bed so he could finish watching the Norway v Japan women's soccer (he was barracking for Norway).

Mrs Holt Press worked at the resort with The Heir today, and will do so all this week. His boss is away, The Heir is filling in for him and they needed extra staff so she got the job. She went to bed at 7.00! Admittedly she did get up again for a while later but I think it tired her out.

I saw the Dr. yesterday who had my latest blood test results. My testosterone levels are still low despite the change to injections so he has suggested I try an implant! It sounds bad I know but he assures me it's simple and effective; a local anaesthetic, a small incision in my tummy, poke the slow release tablet in and sew me up! Good for 6 months supply apparently!

My Mum flew to Victoria tonight to spend a couple of weeks with old friends Allan and Lorna in Geelong. Allan's health has deteriorated significantly of late and Mum is going over to give Lorna some morale and practical support. Allan is in his early 80s and they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last year.

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