Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hormone Implant via Cannula

How did you spend your afternoon? I spent mine having a hormone implant via cannula!
In other words, a testosterone implant.
Here it is in all its graphic detail courtesy of my mobile phone.

The nurse prepares the instruments.
A local anaesthetic. "Just a little sting"! No kidding!
Leaving the needle in to "set a trace" whatever that means?

Sterilised and ready for incision.Scalpel please.
What's so funny?
The incision ready for insertion of the cannula!
The cannula goes in. A stainless steel tube through which the capsules will be inserted.
Loading up, 1,2,3.
Now press the plunger and they're in, just like that.
Two other doctors came to observe the procedure for teaching purposes.
Sewing up the wound.
Only one stitch required.
A picture of concentration.
All finished.
Loaded up and good for 6 months!


Anonymous said...

How's that sit-up regime going Marcus?


Anonymous said...

What the???... I'm drawing the line if you decide to have a vasectomy... lol... Gary D