Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Holt Press Health Report

The Hair was still sick this morning and continued throwing up during the day. He vomited after I blogged last night, just as we were settling down in bed, though thankfully he made it to the kitchen sink before disgorging his dinner. The Heir helped with the clean up. he's gone up to Perth today. I'm not sure if the two events are connected.

After both tablets and injections having failed to correct my low testosterone, I went to the Dr today to get an implant. Unfortunately I left one of the implant prescriptions behind so he was unable to do it and I have to go back tomorrow. I spent an hour browsing around Dunsborough including eating the worst pie I've ever had. It tasted OK but it completely fell apart in my hands and I had to turn it upside down to stop it spilling all over me and the table. In the end that didn't work either and I had to ask for some plastic cutlery to finish the job.

I completed another painting tonight; I'm very happy with it and it looks good in a silver frame.
I'll post pictures of my latest works of art soon.
Lee was so impressed with my art when they came over yesterday he offered to hang some in their church auditorium to brighten up a blank wall and to give me some exposure.

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