Thursday, July 31, 2008

Medical Update

It's been another tough day for Sport Boy. I spoke to him this afternoon and asked how he was feeling? His feeble little voice replied with a one word answer that made it abundantly clear how he was: "crap"!
Mrs Holt Press suggested that it would be good if I came up to visit to boost his morale a bit, and to deliver all the things she forgot to bring yesterday! Tape measure, scissors, phone charger etc.
I bought a couple of bags of lollies and a packet of chips for him too and set off for Bunbury.

He was sitting up on the bed when I arrived, his torso stained with red antiseptic paint from the op, his wound visible beneath the plastic dressing, a look of misery on his face.
His first comment was, "Don't make me laugh".
I replied that would be difficult seeing as I'm such an exceptionally funny person but I'd try my best. The grimace that followed was enough to convince me of the need to follow his request assiduously. He was in pain, feeling nauseous and exhausted from a recent trip to the toilet. Walking etc are very uncomfortable and taxing at this stage.

I held his hand and tried to comfort him while Mrs HP took advantage of the team tag to go and buy some credit for her phone. His dinner arrived, chicken nuggets, mashed potato, peas and corn and I cut it up and fed him small mouthfuls. He only managed about 7-8 before he'd had enough. It tasted good but he was too sore and unwell to get any more down.

Mrs HP returned. I went and got the Captain Starlight console and set up a movie for him.
He was watching "Cats and Dogs" when I left. I didn't want to go but I have a volleyball game in ten minutes that I had to get back for.
His last comment broke my heart. "Do you have to go?" "I'll miss you".

I've arranged for three of his school friends to visit him tomorrow after school and I'll sneak in another quick visit before my taxi shift. Hopefully this time tomorrow he'll be feeling a bit better.


Jacqui said...

I'm sorry that Paul is having such a rough time, most of what you describe as happening to him is what I remember, I really thought that in this day and age things would go a lot smoother for him.
Love to all of you, nanna, walter and all in Ballajura.

Merle said...

Hi Paul ~~ I do hope you are soon feeling much better. Sorry you have had such a bad time/ Love, Aunty Merle.