Monday, July 07, 2008

It's Going to 5

The Wimbledon Men's Singles Final has just entered a 5th set after some breath-taking tennis from both players.
Nadal won the first two sets 6-4 6-4 and looked like he was going to depose the king but Fderer fought back, taking the next two sets in tie-breakers 7-6 7-6 saving match points in the process.
It is edge of the seat stuff!
Thank goodness I live in WA where it's only quarter to three in the morning and not in the eastern states where it's approaching 5am!!
And thank goodness I'm on holiday and can sleep in in the morning!

I'm barracking for Federer though I don't really mind who wins. I do wish Nadal would stop pulling his undies out of his bum! If you don't like playing with a wedgie Rafa, don't wear such tight shorts!!


jayne said...

ha ha!I had noticed Nadal's constant 'wedgie-fixing' too!have to say i want Nadal to win...I think Federer is an awesome player but I'm bored of him winning!

Jacqui said...

Same here!!

Have a great time at the footy.

Good to see someone has taken Hall in hand, the game can do without his kind of actions.