Friday, July 04, 2008

Friday on my Mind

Fridays always feel good, the end of the working week, the start of the weekend.

And the last Friday of the term feels even better! Two weeks of "freedom" coming up.

And the last Friday of term when you're about to go on a trip to Melbourne for a feast of football?
It doesn't get much better than that!!

Throw in Friday night football when your team is playing and you don't have to work, woohoo!
The Cats play the Crows tomorrow night and I'm going round to Dave's to watch it.

You may have noticed I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Talking of tomorrow, as I was walking back from Priceys with my two bread rolls for lunch today I was thinking about the word "tomorrow" and realised it is unusual. Maybe even unique?
That's what I'm about to ask you readers to establish, or refute.

What makes it so different?

It's the only word I could think of that contains the same vowel three times with the said vowel being pronounced differently each time.
ie. to with an oo, morr with an o (for orange), ow with an O (for Oklahoma).

There may be others but I haven't thought of any.

So, there's your task dear readers, see if you can think of another word with the same characteristic, ie. the same vowel pronounced three different ways in the one word.

We won volleyball tonight in a one-sided game that was hard to stay motivated in, but I do applaud the name of the other team, one of the cleverest I've ever heard of, they are called "Safe Sets"!

Favourite Daughter
It's a very exciting time for Favourite Daughter as she prepares to move to Perth to study at Tabor College for the next six months. There is a lot to organise and she was feeling a little overwhelmed by it all last night so Mrs Holt Press and I prayed for her. One of the items on her list was getting a pair of glasses. She's been wearing contact lenses for a few years but they've been troubling a bit recently and they are expensive to replenish every few months. Today she went into an OPSM store just to have a look and to her delight discovered they were having a 50% sale on glasses, and combined with the benefits from our private health cover, the glasses only cost her $180 instead of the full price of $480! One less thing to be anxious about.


Birchy said...

My sister in law (Sally Westlake) wears prescription glasses and she is the queen of bargain hunting. She found a website of a place in the Uk that does prescriptiob glasses for about $40. She has ordered for herself and recommnended them to others and found them to be really reliable and efficient. All you need do is send the the prescription, choose your frame and they then post them to you. If it's of any help let me know and I'll find out the website for you. Email me at home
Have a great holiday!

Marcus said...

Thanks Birchy, I love a bargain and am tempted to get a pair of UK specs on the strength of it, only problem is I've got really good eyesight and don't need glasses!

Actually that's not 100% true any more, I struggle with small writing, such as trying to read the fine print in a street directory in low light when I'm driving the taxi.

There was an interesting post-script re Sophie's glasses, she went back today and found an even better deal, and got a $40 refund!!

The Heir is also in the market for a pair of glasses so it would be good to know the address of Sally's bargain bifocals.

Really looking forward to the trip, gonna be great.

Just waiting now for the Cats to come on the TV V the Crows, whilst avoidin any news or scores on the radio.
Go Cats

Marcus said...
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