Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Final

Tonight's the night. The BIG finale. The Final. Only the best are left and now they slug it out to see who is the champion. There's nothing better than seeing supremely fit and super skilled athletes fighting it out for victory. And if you can't be there in person, the next best thing is watching it on the TV from the comfort of your lounge room, Vanilla Diet Coke in one hand and remote in the other! That's where I am right now, enjoying the contest and the spectacle.
Sport Boy is with me, barracking for his favourite.
We've watched their progress through the rounds, their victories in the semi-finals, and now they face off in the biggest final of all!

The big question is, can they overcome Amazon, Viper, Tank and Thunder in the race to The Eliminator?

Yes, it's Grand Final night on Gladiators!!!!

Oh, and later tonight Roger Federer plays Rafael Nadal in the men's singles final in his attempt to win an unprecedented 6th successive Wimbledon title!!


barrandgirl said...

Marcus, Thanks for your comment on the blog. Sydney were truly disgraceful and I whilst there was probably nothing in the B Hall incident - there was intent. What was he thinking?

Marcus said...

I don't think he can be accused of thinking!!