Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday in Gympie

After the excitement of last night's footy final, today was quiet by comparison.

For the first time in a long time I made a list of tasks I wanted to complete today, (a work style approach to life I haven't had for many weeks) and I'm pleased to report I got all except one of them done.

Chief among them was finding and booking somewhere to stay while we're down at the Gold Coast next week. I used an excellent website called to track down the Windsurfer Resort at Biggera Waters (Pronunciation open to debate) who had a family apartment available for the two nights we need at a pretty good price.
Having booked that I moved onto buying tickets to a couple of theme parks. All 4 of us will have a day at Wet n Wild Water World and Sport Boy and I will also sample the delights of MovieWorld.
Fashion Boy has foregone this in favour of a day's snow-boarding in Victoria if we manage to find snow. I emailed my "step-uncle" Peter today to seek his advice and input as he works for a company who manage a couple of ski resorts. Hopefully he can point us in the right direction. We're heading up that way after the Grand Final (and hopefully the celebrations) are over.

Carolyn has opted for walks on the beach and reading by the pool while sipping iced coffees.
And even Dad has opened to the possibility of staying a night or two with us at the coast seeing as the apartment will be big enough to accommodate us all.

I then introduced Pop to the (addictive) joys of computer Scrabble and shared a few of my tips and strategies. He burned a copy of the CD in anticipation of further word-gaming.
Regular readers will know that I love Scrabble, both the computer variety and playing in real life against the old ladies in the Scrabble Club in Busso.

A trip into town was productive. Carolyn wanted a smaller suitcase than the monster model she came over with and we found a decent bag at Crazy Clarks that fitted the bill. It had some paint specks on it so I enquired about a discount. To my surprise, before said discount was applied, it was already reduced from the ticket price of $39.50 to $25, less the paint discount brought it down to $20. Betty Bargain Hunter strikes again! Not to be outdone, Carolyn also found two very nice dresses, reduced from $49 down to $10 each! Well done!

Next came the evening ritual of kick to kick with the footy with Sport Boy which continued until well after the sun went down and the only clue that a football was headed your way was the thump of it being kicked a couple of seconds before it arrived. Sport Boy's kicks became increasingly wayward the darker it got and by the time I'd hurdled the neighbour's fences 5 times to retrieve it I called the game on account of the light.

Final activity for the day was watching the Kangaroos surprise everyone, not least the Hawks, to win the 2nd semi-final tonight and proceed to the preliminary final V Port Adelaide next week.

Australia are currently playing wales in the World Cup Rugby and Pop is about to go to bed so I'll be banished from the computer shortly.
Hopefully not before I check on the result of the Spurs V Arsenal game in London. I'm never hopeful when we play the Gonners but maybe there'll be good news!!

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