Sunday, September 16, 2007

Last Night in Gympie

My last night in Gympie, before we head for the Gold Coast in the morning, was spent watching Casino Royale with Dad. The name is Bond, James Bond.

Carolyn and I went to a local church this morning which we both enjoyed, one guy in particular was pretty funny talking about pressure when you fly in the intro to communion. Not an obvious link there I know but he did it well.

After church we caught the last hour of the markets and picked up a few bits and pieces and bargains; a Tom Clancy book for Fashion Boy which should keep him occupied for at least one day, a Marilyn Monroe book for Pop who is partial to Norma Jean, a patchwork book for Carolyn which I haggled down from $8 to $5, a nut and apple cake reduced to $3 and very yummy, The Road Less Travelled by M Scott Peck, a classic (which I haven't read before) and a bag for Carolyn to pack her carry-on stuff in for the flight to Melbourne, for $4.50, the vendor assured her the same thing sells for $11 at Crazy Clarks!!

I also got a little toy for myself but I can't divulge what it is here.

More computer chat with Dad this arvo but sadly Scrabble seems to cause his lap-top to crash which is disappointing.

I dozed while watching the NRL semi-final then had one last game of kick to kick with Sport Boy in Grampa's backyard which drew a compliment from the old lady next door who was very impressed that we were out there playing together.

W've packed and are ready for departure in the morning after I have , hopefully, obtained my ticket to the football on Friday night. They open sales at 9.00am and I daresay there is going to be quite a rush for them what with there being more Collingwood fans than anyone else in the league and the Cats having such a great season, I expect it to be a sell-out. I'm just hoping we can get tickets for Carolyn and Sport Boy when general public sales open on Wednesday.

I can't let the day's events conclude without mentioning the bomb-shell news that Chris Judd has requested a transfer from West Coast back to Victoria. Half of WA must be in mourning tonight!!

Oh and I'm sad to say that Spurs did indeed lose to Arsenal last night despite leading 1-0 at half time!

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