Friday, September 14, 2007

Backyard Footy

Poor Sport Boy just about ran out of steam tonight, and considering the abundant store of energy that is normally Sport Boy, that is saying something. The cause?
An afternoon at the Gympie swimming pool, open but not heated, followed by about an hour of kick to kick with the footy in the backyard at Grampa's.* The sun had set, it was getting pretty dark and I needed a way to signal the end of the game.
"You have to mark 8 out of 10 kicks or we're finished"
Ever ready for a challenge Sport Boy duly marked 8 out of 10.
"5 out of 5 now" I challenged.
SB duly caught all 5 kicks.
"OK, next time you drop one the game's over"
1,2,3,4,5,6,.....he took mark after mark......all the way up to 26 before one finally hit the ground.
He'd done very well but as you can see, he was exhausted by the time we came inside.

*Grampa had 4 envious onlookers as he mowed the grass in the backyard this morning, because he was driving his John Deere ride-on mower to do the job! Even Carolyn said she wouldn't mind having a go on that!

Dad cooked dinner tonight, an event I caught on camera.
"Don't let your mother see that" he warned!
We all survived, and enjoyed dinner!

Tonight we've traded stories and computer tips while I played Scrabble and he checked the stock market and calculated his current worth.

How much? Priceless!


Peter said...

What's the difference between "priceless" and "worthless."

TLP said...

Here from your dad's place. Nice place.

Marcus said...

The spelling?

We won't really know until after you're gone!!

Zaac said...


paulie looks shattered. when do you get back from the east and what is the date of the grand final?

Marcus said...

Grand Final is Sep 29.

We get home to Perth on October 10.

Zaac said...

kl kl

do you know if it's possible to watch the grand final over the net or if they are broadcasting overseas at all? i get back to england the day before then, would be awesome to watch the game!

Marcus said...

It will be on Foxtel or ESPN almost certainly. Check the AFL website for international broadcasting details.
You can also listen to games over the net, live feed of radio commentary.