Wednesday, September 26, 2007


A bit of a sleep-in.

A leisurely breakfast.

A visit to the cinema to see Surf's Up with the kids, both of whom enjoyed it.
I can't pass comment cause I kept nodding off throughout.

A trip down to Inverloch, a nice little town by the coast. Some lunch and a wander around the shops.

A drive out to "The Caves" and "Eagles Nest", a couple of scenic spots outside of town.
We spent a very pleasant hour walking along the beach, examining the sea cliffs, rocks, rock pools, shells and stones. The tide was out leaving large areas of flat rock exposed. It was beautiful and the weather was lovely too, making the whole thing very enjoyable.

Called in to visit my cousin Kerrie and her family for a little while. It was just before dinner and we were just one of a stream of visitors, callers etc so we didn't stay long, but just long enough to borrow a football for Sport Boy to kick until the replacement arrives from WA.

Home for dinner, lasagne and salad followed by lemon meringue pie, served with stories of Uncle Ken and Auntie Ev's trip to Italy earlier this year and some family reminiscinces.

There's a possible GF ticket via a contact on Big Footy that has got my hopes up a bit. Should know more tomorrow!!

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