Friday, September 07, 2007

Cars and Caravan Parks

I spent a disappointing day looking around for a way to fit an extra seat belt in Mum and Walter's camper van. I found a seat belt ok but the problem is not having suitable anchor points to fit it. I could see the problem leading to big dollars even if we found a way and a place to get it done.
So, back to the drawing board for a vehicle to get around Victoria for a few weeks when we come back from Queensland. Buying a cheap car is an option but getting something that will do the job at an affordable price may be difficult.
Hiring is an option but a bit more expensive.
I've been having second thoughts about driving any car we might buy home to WA, partly because of the "risk" and partly because my sister Vicki said she and Rex would happily come down to Adelaide to see us if we go that far.
We hope to visit my Auntie Merle in Shepparton and my step-mum Julie in Mildura before going to Adelaide, all in the week after the Grand Final.

I also went to check on our booking at a caravan park for when we come back from Queensland on the 19th, only to find that the CP had no record of our booking, or of the $100 deposit I paid! They took the booking while I was there, but upon further checks when I got home to the Armstrongs, it turns out I had booked, and paid, at a different caravan park just up the road!!
Tomorrow I'll have to go back and try and sort it out, although Russell tells me the one I found today is in a better location so we may stick with it if I can get a refund from the first one! If you're confused don't worry, so was I!

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