Monday, September 10, 2007

1 Down 2 to Go

Today was a great day at the footy. The Cats murdered the Kangaroos with some of the best football I've ever seen. The winning margin of 106 points is the 5th highest in AFL history.

That puts us into the preliminary final in 2 weeks, against either West Coast or Collingwood.

You can read Gerard Whately's review of the game here!
A local farmer excited about the Cats getting the cream!

The good news is that my plans have paid off. I can fly up to Queensland tomorrow night knowing that we are in the prelim in two weeks and I don't have to decide whether to come back to Melbourne early for a final next week.

I've had a really good stay with Russell and Lucy and their family who have made me very welcome. Tomorrow night I'll be reunited with Carolyn and Fashion and Sport Boys, and see my Dad. It's all good!


Zaac said...

awesome! trip sounds awesome, france is brilliant, watched the opening game of the world cup on a big screen in paris with a few thousand disappointed frenchies (was cheering for argentina, rather quietly, so was pretty happy with the result) now am down at lake annecy for a couple of days before heading to the ardeche gorge and bordeaux to finish the trip.
thought to throw in the mix, if you found a half decent car and drove it home i'd probably buy it off you when i get back. hope you have an awesome time and live the dream, cats are so close its untrue!!!!!

Marcus said...

Are you cutting your French trip short? Sounds a little like it but I'm not sure.
Thought about the car and you but there are difficulties with transferring a car interstate and finding something both cheap and reliable.
In the end we've decided to hire a car, drive as far as Adelaide to see Vicki and Rex, and fly home from there. I booked the tickets today.
Enjoy France