Monday, September 03, 2007

Beautiful Sunday

We had a great day in Bridgetown for the soccer team wind-up. The weather was perfect, Mum and Walter did a great job hosting the event in the park, including bringing their BBQ down because the Council have removed the BBQ's that used to be in the Boat Park, and creating the Giant Banana Split which all the kids had for dessert.

The trophies were awarded and I'm proud to say that Sport Boy won the Best & Fairest for the season. He felt a bit sick at different times throughout the day, partly as a result of the drive to Bridgetown through the winding hills road but the trophy brightened his spirits.

Sad to say also that I lost my Chaplains Fantasy Footy League Grand Final to Grant by about 3 points! And Craig Mottram fell away badly in the final of the 5000m at the World Athletics Championships which was pretty disappointing.

On a brighter note, the Cats finished the home and away season with a 7 goal win over Brisbane and now play the Kangaroos in the first round of the finals next Sunday afternoon, and I'll be there! Carn the Cats!

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Zaac said...

am off to france for a month so will stay in touch when i can but probly will be mostly out of reach. have a good trip over east, CARN THE CATS!