Saturday, September 15, 2007


We had a lovely day out at Noosa today. We wandered up and down looking at the shops and galleries on Hastings St, resisting the urge to buy anything although Fashion Boy added to his hat collection with a rastafarian tea cosy.
We had a very nice lunch at a little restaurant, sharing a couple of seafood platters between three of us while Dad and Sport Boy had the basic fish and chip meal.
Coffee followed for some, ice cream for the rest of us.
Sport Boy was busting to go to the toilet and was getting pretty anxious in our search, speculating to homself whether he'd wet his pants before we found one.
His luck held and we made it and he let out the biggest sigh as he was finally able to relieve the pressure on his bladder.
When he'd finished he said to me,
"I'm just going to stay here a little longer and enjoy the moment"!!

We adjourned to the famous Noosa beach but no-one ventured in for a swim. Instead we threw the Zocker up and down the beach while Dad and Carolyn sat on the sound and watched.

We got home with just enough daylight left to kick the footy in the backyard for ten minutes.

At 8:30 we settled in front of the tv to watch the footy, the 1st semi-final between West Coast and Collingwood and it was a classic game, finishing in a draw at the final siren which meant 10 minutes of extra time was played, and Collingwood ended up winning by 19 points.
We were all excited and Sport Boy was jumping all over the lounge he was "so full of adrenalin".
"I feel like I could jump over your head Dad" he said with a few minutes to go.
Carolyn incurred the wrath of Pop by daring to barrack for Collingwood!
That's what being surrounded by Eagles fans every day will do to you!!

It sets up a Preliminary Final between Geelong and Collingwood next Friday night at the MCG.
Getting tickets for the family is going to be the challenge cause I reckon the game will be a sell-out.

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