Tuesday, September 04, 2007

D-Day minus 1

One more day until we depart for our holiday. Still got some packing and prep to do but Carolyn and the boys don't have to be at the airport until 10 tomorrow night so we've got enough time to get everything done tomorrow. I opted out of the meeting in Perth tonight which freed up a lot of time and eased the pressure significantly, so much so that I was able to get the bedroom painted.
Cream on 3 walls and a blue feature wall, it looks good although mysteriously the paint hasn't masked the polyfilla underneath which we used to fill in the holes and chips, I don't know why, it usually works fine. I'll give the blue another coat in the morning and hope that that fixes it.
Then we'll move the bed and furniture back in in preparation for the girls when they come to house-sit.

I drove the cab for a couple of hours this morning, my last shift before going away, last chance to add to the bank balance, which is looking very healthy I must say.

The good news on the fantasy footy front is that I won both my Grand Finals in the Dream Team comp on the AFL website!
The bad news is that Matthew Egan has a broken foot and will miss the finals for Geelong after being a star player all season.
I bought my ticket today for the Geelong v Kangaroos Qualifying Final at the MCG on Sunday, I can't wait.

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