Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Finals

Firstly a correction: the regional population of Colac is only 14,000 not 40,000 as I reported this week. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused. I hope I haven't under-mined anyone's plans of a move to Colac based on mis-information.
It was my left-brained mate Russell, a stats and figures man of some repute who set me straight.

We've just gotten home from the footy where Collingwood have eliminated Sydney from the finals. Contrary to what many people predicted/expected, there will not be a 3rd consecutive West Coast v Sydney Grand Final this year. In fact, with the state the Eagles are in they may well be eliminated the,selves next week with injuries taking a major toll.
Collingwood looked impressive and travel to Perth to play West Coast next week.
Hawthorn beat Adelaide with a goal from the last kick of the game this afternoon.

That just leaves the BIG Game left tomorrow, Geelong v the Kangaroos.
I'm nervous because it's a final, but I'm confident because the Cats have clearly been the best team all season. That doesn't guarantee victory but if we play to our standards throughout the year we should win convincingly.

I'm going to have a look at a cheap car at Ocean Grove in the morning, a 1980 Corolla, which may be suitable for our trip around the Garden State.
Then it's back on the train to Melbourne for the footy.

Carn the Cats!

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