Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Movie World

I got my ticket to the Preliminary Final first thing Monday morning, but not without a few hassles.
The net was overloaded so I did it by phone which was a long-winded process and not entirely satisfactory. But, at least I've got a ticket.
Tomorrow morning I'll try again and hopefully get tickets for Carolyn and Sport Boy too.

Then it was time to pack the car and head for the coast.
The trip went smoothly, with just a stop for some Famous Yatala Pies for lunch and a close encounter with a sticky-footed pigeon. When we were leaving the pigeon in question landed on the roof of Dad's car and would not be moved! Even sudden stops only sent it skidding forward so that it's tail hung down over the windscreen. It hopped about, regained it's balance and would not be budged. I got a picture but won't be able to load it tonight as I'm on a net kiosk computer.
It finally took flight once we hit the motorway but not before causing us a great deal of merriment and feathered entertainment.

We found and settled into our apartment at The Windsurfer Resort which is pleasant enough but considerably smaller than I'd imagined! Just as well none of us is claustrophobic! Still, it does the job and is nicely located on the water's edge at The Broadwater, looking out to South Stradbroke Island and the spit where Seaworld is located.

The boys are happy because not only is there a games room with pool and ping pong tables, there's also Foxtel!!

This morning Sport Boy set off for MovieWorld for our big day. He had a GREAT time and loved the rides and the stage shows. He overcame his fears to ride the Batwing which launched us into the air like a rocket, and dropped us back almost as quickly.
His favourite ride was the Wild West Rapids Log Flume which climaxed with a massive plummet into a small lake sending water cascading all over the boat occupants! He loved it so much in fact that he chose to go around again for his final ride of the day.
Even a headache during the day didn't deter him or dampen his enthusiasm or enjoyment.
The day in the sun took a toll on his father though as I'm weary and have a mild headache.
A shower, some dinner and a lie down should see me right though.

Carolyn FB and Dad went to HarbourTown to shop! Fashion Boy stayed true to his name by coming home with some new clothes, of particular note was the "ski hat" he bought. He's very proud of it! Not exactly sure why. He's becoming more like his big brother, The Heir, every day!
Carolyn got some bathers so she can enjoy the delights of Wet n Wild Water World tomorrow if she so desires.

One more day in Queensland before we fly down to Melbourne tomorrow night.

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