Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Last minute blogging from Brisbane airport. Our flight to Melbourne is in 50 minutes time.
We spent a great day at Wet n Wild Water World but only after a near disastrous start. We all got out and Dad drove off and as he disappeared toward the exit I realised that the tickets were still in the car!!!! His mobile phone was turned off so I couldn't call him. I ran, chasing him up the road, yelling and waving and hoping he'd look in his rear view mirror and wonder why I was gesticulating so wildly! Alas, he did not. I waved madly at passing cars until finally one took pity on me and stopped to see what my problem was.
"Follow that car"!
I've always wanted to say that!
But, it was too late, he'd gotten away and could not be caught!
The driver suggested I tell the people at the park the story and they'd sort it out for me.
And sure enough they did.
I paid for us to get in and when Dad came back to pick us up in the afternoon I took the original tickets in and they refunded the amount I'd paid in the morning!
It all sounds so simple now but as I was running down the Pacific Hwy in pursuit of my father it didn't seem so easy!

As I said, afetr the ticket drama everything else went well and we had a great day sliding down tubes and flumes and whirlpools and vortexes.
Pictures to follow at some stage.

The trip back to Brisbane was uneventful. We stopped for some noodles for tea and got to the airport in plenty of time.

Melbourne here we come!

NB. I had mixed fortunes with the footy tickets this morning. The system froze up just before I completyed the transaction on three seats in the Southern Stand and by the time I got back on the only thing I could get was a couple of standing room tickets.
Not ideal and I don't know quite what we'll do yet but it was the best I could do under pressure.

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