Thursday, September 27, 2007

Got One!!!!

I'm 95% certain I've got a ticket to the Grand Final!

The only doubt is because I haven't got it yet and until I hand over the money and get it in my hot little hand I can't guarantee it, but I have no reason to doubt, the bloke seemed genuine.
I'm meeting him in the city tomorrow to do the deal.

We left Leongatha early this morning in order to get down to Kardinia Park to watch Geelong's last training run before the Grand Final.
There was a big crowd there watching giving the team a rowsing reception as they came on and went off and clapping every practise goal they kicked.

Sport Boy had a kick on the ground after they finished. The ground announcer had a good sense of theatre, he played a soundtrack of the following 4 songs while 100's of people had a kick: Love Cats, Cool for Cats, Stray Cat Strut and cats in the Cradle! I was surprised he didn't play Year of the Cat but it's a little more melancholy than the rest of the bunch.

We called in to see Carolyn's Mum and Dad for a little while and talked about the Grand Final.
Now we're visiting Alan and Lorna who were keen to see the kids, having had a good time with them when they came over to Busselton last year.

We're staying with Russell and Lucy tonight before going up to Melbourne tomorrow for the Grand Final Parade.

2 sleeps to go!

Go Cats

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