Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Sport Boy bought a Mood Ring from the $2 Shop this afternoon and had me try it on when he got back from his haircut. It turned light blue which he informed me meant "peace". Carolyn commented, "Your Dad's on long service leave and Geelong are winning, why wouldn't he be peaceful?"
It sounded fair enough to me!
Life in Gympie moves at a sedate pace, whether you're on holiday or not.
Today consisted of getting up late, though not as late as yesterday, reading the paper for an hour while discussing football with Pop, making tuna and cheese toasted sandwiches for lunch, painting a picture then playing Stingers with the boys and the Zocker, a spiral shaped soft football thrown gridiron style.
If you dropped it the thrower got to take a free shot at you while you used one hand to protect your face and the other to guard your most vital/vulnerable assets.
Fashion Boy spent half the time dancing like a man having a siezure due to the ants in his part of the backyard, and the other half ducking balls he had trouble seeing. He does have some problems with his eyesight but still Sport Boy and I decided to penalise him with a free shot if he ducked one he should have tried to catch.
The darker it got the harder it became, for all of us, not just FB.
Carolyn cooked a lasagne for dinner, mmmm! lasagne! then we watched Thank God You're Here.
A peaceful way to spend a day! The ring would still be blue but Sport Boy's taken it to bed.

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