Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Cats Win the Grand Final

The VFL Grand Final that is!

Sport Boy had a good day out at the footy in Melbourne watching Geelong beat Coburg to win the VFL flag, hopefully a good omen for next Saturday's much bigger and more important AFL Grand Final between Geelong and Port Adelaide.

There was one disappointing incident today, I lost my new Geelong tracksuit top when we left it on the train. Sport Boy had been using it as a pillow laying on the floor beneath the seats and we both forgot it when we got off. We went back for it but it was gone and wasn't handed in by the time we got back to Geelong. Rats.

We ran into a few more Big Footyites at the game, following the pre-prelim final get together at Shmik Bar on Friday night. Cam, aka Mooney d'King was there and Ablett 5, and on the train home we saw Big Drop Punt (All Big Footy Nicknames, mine is Western Cat).
People are keeping their ears open for tickets on my behalf although there's gonna be stacks in the same boat, the GFC Ticket ballot results are in and a couple of people I know have already found out they missed out.

I've budgeted a "large amount" of money for the cause of getting a ticket but even that's no guarantee, I have to fine someone with one to sell first!

It's been a bad couple of days for losing things, we went to the You Yangs yesterday and climbed to the top of Flinders Peak, a place I haven't been since I was about 10 years old, but later on when we got to Point lonsdale we realised we'd left the football somewhere, probably at the You Yangs. Sport Boy is devastated cause we've been kicking the footy together every day and at the game today he looked with envy at every kid holding a footy!
I ended up ringing Favourite Daughter and asking her to pick up another one from home (I've got several) and sending it to us by Express Post tomorrow. Hopefully it will turn up at Leongatha post office on Tuesday.

Other than that our day out on Sunday was great. It was fun to revisit the places we knew so well from our childhood, Carolyn and I both having grown up in Geelong. We watched some of the Port V Roos game at the pub in Queenscliff and then had fish and chips for tea while watching some big cargo ships passing through the heads. It also inspired us to take the ferry across to Sorrento on Monday when we head off to Gippsland. It will save us going via melbourne and will be a much prettier drive skirting around French and Phillip Ilsands.
We also went on a pilgrimage to Pearl Bay aka Barwon Heads, the seaside town where one of our favourite tv shows, Seachange, was filmed.
I also showed the family where the Banfiels used to live, along with our old house in Wiggs Rd Moolap and the school I went to in grades 5 & 6.

We've really enjoyed our time in Geelong and look forward to being back here later in the week when things start hotting up for the Grand Final.

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