Friday, September 28, 2007

Disappointment but not Despair

My deal to buy a Grand Final ticket fell through today. The bloke gave me the run around for a while and left me hanging until tonight when he finally confirmed what I had begun to suspect all along: the ticket was gone, if it ever really existed!

So it's back to Plan B: which involves heading to the MCG tomorrow with a pocket full of cash and hoping to find someone with a ticket to sell.
I remain quite optimistic about my chances, I'm determined and prepared to keep looking until something comes up.

The Grand Final Parade was a brief and relatively quiet affair from our vantage point outside Flinders St Station, the hilight being when I called out to Andrew Mackie,
"Andrew" he turned and looked at me, "Sophie says hello" to which he smiled and waved.
The Sophie in question is not Favourite Daughter but Russell and Lucy's daughter Sophie who thinks Andrew Mackie is a spunk. She'll be pleased to know I passed on her greetings to her favourite Cat.

Carolyn and Fashion Boy spent the afternoon at the Queen Victoria Markets buying clothes and accessories while Sport Boy and I went to AFL World, the AFL's Hall of Fame and interactive museum. He had great fun with all the kicking and handballing games and we soaked up a bit of footy history in the Grand Final atmosphere.

Tonight we're at Gary and Christine's place at Doreen in outer Melbourne. Sport Boy has hit it off with Nathan and they've been running around playing all night, kicking the footy and sliding on the wood floor in their socks.

Well, tomorrow is the big day. I've been waiting 44 years for geelong to win an AFL premiership and this is the best chance they've had in all that time.
I've seen Geelong win and lose many times in my life but no game has been as big as the one they'll play tomorrow afternoon. For the first time they'll start as favourites. They've had a brilliant season and deserve to win. If they play to the same standard as they have throughout the season they'll definitely win. I believe that's what's going to happen and hopefully I'll be there to see it.

Go Cats

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