Friday, September 21, 2007

Preliminary Final Day

Things have improved since yesterday.

We returned the car this morning and hopefully won't be penalised.

I picked up the remainder of the tickets for tonight's game and then hitched a lift into town with a bloke who knew someone who is looking for tickets and so I'm meeting him in half an hour to sell one of them.
Looking out for a blue Camry on the corner of Brougham and Moorabool Streets at 10 past 12 for the deal to go down! Just gotta get a brown paper bag first!!

We're heading for melbourne on the train about 3.00pm.

The game starts at 7.40.

Hopefully the celebrations will start about 3 hours after that!


2Peter said...

So much happens between comments!

Good to hear you're having a good holiday... well apart from all the stress that is!!

I guess I can (quietly) barrack for Geelong after WCE's demise. Mourning indeed.

Some news: I've been chosen to go as part of a group from the UCA to India next year on a mission for inter-faith dialogue, scary and exciting all at once!

Hope you have/had a great time tonight. Methinks Geelong's time just may have come. I've enjoyed reading the holiday stories... Pacific Highway encounter made me laugh and I hope your getting photo's of FB to show him in 15 years when the fashions look like we did in the eighties!

Peter said...

There were moments when the "Pussy Cats" looked like they might make a comeback but fortunately it was the "Collywobbles" who showed up... it was a great game though and a good warm up for the Grand Final.

Marcus said...

Both 1 and 2Peter leaving comments, I'm honoured!

The game was very tense I'm just glad we won, we can play a lot better than that.

You must be in Sydney by now Pop, hope the motel is suitably friendly for the two of you!!!!!!!

The trip to India sounds pretty cool 2Pete, good on you.

Fashion Boy is in danger of being renamed Noodle Boy for his extravagance with my money for his lunch!!