Wednesday, September 05, 2007


It always seems strange to me when I start the day on one side of the country and finish it on the other. Last night I dropped Carolyn and the boys at the airport then spent the night in Cameron's caravan in Belmont. It was warm and comfortable but the bed was significantly shorter than I'm used to. Thankfully the cupboard at the end of the bed is only half size, allowing me to stick my feet out and lie reasonably straight, leaving just the issue of keeping them warm to contend with! An extra blanket wrapped around them did the trick.
The early start, with the alarm going off at 5.50am was not pleasant but at least it ensured I got to the airport on time. Unfortunately for Carolyn, last night's flight was delayed by an hour, which was also bad news for Dad, who could have had an extra hour in bed this morning before picking them up if only he'd read his text message! For an accomplished blogger, his lack of conversance with sms'ing is a shame. They are all safely back home in Gympie although it's raining up there. The weather in Victoria however is lovely.

I took the skybus into the city then the train down to Geelong.
Allan Banfield picked me up which was a case of fortunate timing, he and Lorna had just returned from a 3 day trip to Echuca.
I'm staying with Russell and Lucy and their kids David and Sophie in Geelong. They used to live in Perth and we worked together for Fusion many years ago.
He is a fellow school chaplain now, working at Oberon High School. Despite living in Geelong for the last 10 years he remains a die-hard Collingwood fan but thankfully Sophie has not succumbed to the Magpie influence and is a firm Cats fan. I'll probably take her with me to see Geelong's last training run on Saturday morning prior to Sunday arvo's final against the Kangaroos at the MCG.
Tomorrow I'm going to visit Russell's school and in the afternoon accompany him to a new chaplain's commissioning at Colac. I'll be the second important visitor to the school this week, Leader of the Federal Opposition Kevin Rudd having been to the school on Monday!! David got to shake his hand and has already declared he's got his vote in the upcoming election.

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