Sunday, December 24, 2006

Tis the night before Christmas

Christmas Eve, always a time of ecitement and anticipation, for kids especially but adults too.
Unusually for me I'm about to start work, driving the taxi on Christmas Eve. I wonder how the night will go. I always hope it will be busy, to maximise my earnings and to avoid boredom.
I'm driving for a few hours tomorrow afternoon as well. Our main Christmas gathering won't be until Boxing Day in Bridgetown, tomorrow we'll open presents, have prawns and kebabs on the BBQ for brunch and reagther at Stu and Deb's place for a BBQ tomorrow night after I finish my shift. Sophie has to work as well tomorrow evening.

Church was good this morning, Noel gave a great message about the comparisons and contrasts between his attitude to Christmas and giving and God's. He's putting his sermons on MySpace now so I'll post a link to it for those who are interested. He makes me laugh which is a good quality in a minister.

The Cramers have just dropped in for a visit which is great, just a shame I have to go and drive the cab! Maybe they'll still be here when I get back!

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