Monday, December 18, 2006

BBQ @ Meelup

We had a BBQ for dinner at Meelup Beach, shared with Greg and Sheryl, Rod and Sharon and about 1000 flies! They are prolific at this time of year and remain so until the Dung Beetles kick in! Despite the little black visitors we had a lovely time. After we'd eaten we went for a walk around the point to a couple of beautiful little white sandy beaches edged with granite boulders in deep earthy red tones. When we got back to sleepy old Busselton, just before 9 0'clock, only one of the 7 cafes in town was open and they wouldn't serve us dessert because their kitchen had closed! We eventually persuaded the Mexican restaurant to sell us some chocolate mousse in takeaway tubs before we went for a drive to check out the Chritmas light decorations around the suburbs.
Great food, Great setting, Great company = A Great Day.
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