Saturday, December 09, 2006


Here I was thinking with the camp behind me the workload would lighten up! Ha! I had to pull an all nighter last night in order to get the Team Handbook for Augusta done! That wasn't the plan by the way but by the time I finished Sophie was getting up to go to work, so I ended up dropping her off for her 6am start rather than Carolyn having to get up to do it. The good news is I got the handbook finished, the bad news is I could not convince the photocopier to turn it in to an A5 booklet, at least not with it's whiz-bang settings designed for such a purpose, or not a book that is useable at least! In the end I had to go low-tech, reverse every second set of pages, photo copy it as a bunch of collated sheets then staple it myself. Never mind, it's done now (or it will be when one of the kids staples them for me, I sense a deal coming on!)

Tonight was another late finish, having just gotten home from my shift in the cab. It was quiet early but got busier later on and I made a reasonable return for my labour. Not too many really drunk or obnoxious customers tonight which was a pleasant change.

Saturday will be devoted to rest
and relaxation.

Sunday is the final team meeting for Augusta, up in Mandurah.

The best news of the the day is that school holidays have officially started! Hallelujah.
I'm not due back at work until Jan 22. Yeah Baby!

Paint palette here I come!

I've started collecting photos of personalised number plates. Not because I have to but because I want to! There are heaps around and some of them are very clever. Who knows, I may even start a blog devoted entirely to personalised plates! Sure it's a niche market, but who else is doing it?
It can sit along side my road side crosses blog when I finally start posting all the photos I've been taking of them for the last few months!!
There's no end to what you can do with a digital camera, free blogs and a little imagination!!!

PS. I know Simmo, and I can now divulge publicly, for the first time, that it was Simmo who threw the pizza out of the hotel window that landed on Carmen's car and caused so much disgruntlement at Country Week 2005!!


Zaac said...

i thought you were going to take your long service leave first term of next year?? sounds like a lot of fun, i pulled an all-niter to do assignments this week, thinking it may be a regular thing for the next few weeks. dan layed down the challenge of four days straight without sleep (apparently he did it once) so i think ill take a shot at it over christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Would Carmen be a netball fanatic now teaching at NM?
Should this info be shared with certain teacher?
Have a GREAT break!!!

Carolyn said...

Sleep deprivation can cause Schizophrenia Zac! Oops, I thought I was on Zac's blog.

Zaac said...

think im already there mum, or at least this me does, the other one just wants to play with the fire...