Thursday, December 07, 2006

IronMan Volunteers Tank You Dinner

On Tuesday night I went to the thank you dinner for the volunteers at the IronMan Triathlon. Never turn down a free meal is one of my mottos. The bloke speaking is Ray McMillan, head of Pro-Busselton and the IronMan organising committee. Regular readers may recognise him as the person who gave me the greatest assistance in buying the Commonwealth Games Fish Sculpture a few months back.
I've been busy with the camp and Ray's been busy with the IronMan so neither of us has had the time to devote to it recently.
The fish is still in storage, sort of on hold. It needs some work done on it to prepare it for permanent display on the water and it probably won't be until early next year that we get it finished with the aid of some local artists and TAFE students.

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Zaac said...

tank you, tank you very much.
really want to talk to you in the next couple of days and work some stuff out, now that the camp is over im hoping youre a bit more free to do this?? let me know a good time, i could skype call (if you have a headset) tonite, tomorow morning, or sunday during the day i think. these are all my times, will have to see how they translate to oz.
miss you all. love you lots.