Thursday, December 07, 2006

First night of the Beach Volleyball Season

I'm having no joy uploading photos to the blog tonight, neither Holt Press or the Beach Volleyball blog, who knows why!!
I've upgraded my internet service so the speed and download problems should be behind us, though I'm not convinced yet! The photos just seem to play up arbitrarily.

I'm still doing the clean-up after the camp, posting scores on the camp blog, writing a report and thank you letter, organising to pay the outstanding accounts and chasing up lost property etc.
The feedback is still coming in and it's all very positive, I'm happy about that. Tony told me today that it's the best camp he's ever been on, and as a veteran of some 150 camps in his life, he has some reference points with which to compare it, so that's high praise.

We had our first game of beach volleyball for the season tonight, our team is called Quick Sand and we're playing in the A Grade 4-a-side comp, we being myself, Carolyn, Gerard and hopefully Laurie. He couldn't make it tonight so we had a fill-in called Rob. We had a lot of fun, Carolyn had been apprehensive about it but said that she really enjoyed it. We lost 2-1. The sun setting behind the western end of the courts is a nuisance but otherwise conditions were perfect tonight, a beautiful calm bay beside us, warm weather, no wind, it was all good as they say.

The kids finish school tomorrow and Friday is my last day and I must say I'm looking forward to that. It will be good to be able to some stuff for myself and have some time to rest and relax prior to Christmas and the busy time associated with Beach Mission at Augusta which starts on New Year's Day. We've got the final team meeting on Sunday and I still need to do some work for that putting the Team Handbook together.
Sport Boy remarked tonight that I hadn't done a painting in a "long time", I agreed, and aim to remedy that shortly.

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