Thursday, December 14, 2006

Holt Blog Empire Grows

Look out world, I have just launched three new blogs. That's right, three new blogs!

Augusta Family Festival a pictorial chronicle of the goings on at Augusta each January when our family joins a team of about 80 volunteers to run a week long family festival: a Christian outreach at a caravan park by the Blackwood river in the beautiful south west.

The second is a quirky little blog that pays tribute to personalised number plates!
Guaranteed to capture a unique little fragment of cyberspace on a topic that no-one else is paying any attention to!! Laugh or scorn if you want to but before long I'll have cornered the market in personalised plate pictures and the world will be beating a path to my door.
Feel free to send me pictures of personalised plates you have taken in your travels. Don't tell me you haven't wondered about the origin of people's personalised plates, tried to decipher unusual letter configurations, imagined who "SMOOCHY" and "CURVES" are, or applauded the wit and inventiveness of drivers with plates like XLR8 on their cars.
By now you are saying to yourself, "Why didn't I think of starting a personalised plates blog myself?"

That's right, it's art on wheels, wit in motion, literary limos, and clever cars.

The world of personalised plates is about to open up in a way never thought possible!

Remember, you read it here first at Holt Press!

And finally, in recognition of my new found passion for painting, and to my amazement, the trickle of sales that has accompanied it, I introduce my Art Blog, a chronicle of my paintings and creations from the very beginning right up to the latest works fresh off the easel (the kitchen bench actually but easel sounds much more artistic!). All paintings pictured are for sale unless already sold or in a couple of circumstances too loved to part with. Details of size etc by request.


Peter said...

Hi Marcus, I don't think you have a lot to fear about having your new sites stolen... but that's just one opinion.
Re commenting status, yup you came through with flying colours, re present, nup still unsighted... Have you got the video camera working????

Marcus said...

G'day Dad

No not yet, been too busy. Also helped by the fact that I was able to buy one through work with a 30Gig hard drive.
I'll take yours to get it looked at after the Christmas rush.