Monday, December 18, 2006

Carolyn, Sheryl and Sharon

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Peter said...

Good photos, smile Carolyn.

The present arrived today, thank you very much, I suppose you realize its the pic I posted yonks ago with the query; is this Hoss or Latigo Flint?
I have no idea where I got the pic from now, but it is obviously real.

Peter said...

Ah-ha, it's all coming back to me now, my post was Nov 5th 05 and it was an entry in an art show in Busso, you must have posted a picture of it which I used as the who-is-it pic.
So you obviously remembered it from there.... takes a while to put the pieces together these days!!!

Marcus said...

You got it, well done.
It was at another art exhibition we went to a few weeks ago and when I saw it again I thought you'd like it. Interestingly, it was easily the best painting in the exhibition, much of the other stauff was less than ordinary.
Glad it made it intact and that you like it.