Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Letchy's parting gifts

Greg was a little jealous of our naturally occurring wildlife, ie. the possum in the patio and the frogs in the carport. He's been trying to entice and breed frogs at home in Ballajura with fancy ponds and ferneries while ours just show up and hang around. I like frogs but what worries me is their position on the food chain, the next link up are snakes and I don't particularly want them to come hanging around the carport! I offered this one to Letchy but having done research on the subject he informed me that frogs don't do too well out of their natural environment so moving this one from Busselton to Ballajura was not likely to succeed.

So, he had to settle for a painting. He had told me he liked this one so I gave it to him.

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Zaac said...

i thought you had a fascination with snakes?? but yeh, i wouldnt want them round my house either and its that time of year...
thick fog for the last two days here, permanent frost on everything outside, im hoping for snow but probly not gonna get it. white christmas tho, how cool would that be?!