Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Boxing Day in Bridgetown

We packed and departed right on schedule at 11.00 and arrived in Bridgetown an hour and fifteen minutes later. Bruce and Cody were already there and Alan and Lyn arrived an hour later, Mum had prepared a wonderful, traditional Christmas lunch with all the trimmings and we ate to our heart's content. After the turkey and pork we had a brief interlude to open the presents. I got two very cool puzzles from Craig, neither of which I already had, in itself a minor miracle, and neither of which are easy to solve. In fact I solved the first one without even looking at it! Literally! I reached over to get something on the table and when I looked down the two pieces were apart! It took me another half an hour to get them back together! And still I wasn't sure how to do it!!
Then came the highlight of the day, Mum's home made Christmas pudding made to Old Nan's traditional recipe. Yum! It doesn't get much better than that!

People then watched the cricket or a movie, "Cars", dozed or played on the computers. I painted for a while then we went for a walk around the hills of Bridgetown.

Dinner was help yourself to leftovers, then Jordan got his wish in the shape of a game of cards, Emporer and Scumbag.

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