Friday, December 15, 2006

The Letchs are coming

I've just spent the last few hours working in the office, firstly in endeavouring to save my email files so they don't disappear in the upgrade due to happen shortly. I bought a 250 gig external hard drive which should solve the problem for the forseeable future and Phil gave me some helpful technical advice over the phone.

The last half an hour has been spent moving things and taking down pictures etc in readiness for the installation of my new airconditioning unit! Yeah! I had enough money left in my school account to get it put in, and the two offices next door as well!!! So the heat of a WA summer need no longer bother me, and the reverse cycle will provide heating in winter too! Bonus.

Any one whose ever seen or been into my office will know that moving things and finding space can be a challenge. There are now approx 100 aircraft and flying machines, mobiles etc suspended from the ceiling.

We have special guests coming down for the weekend, the Letchies arrive tonight and are staying till Monday morning which means we'll have plenty of time to catch up and hang out. BBQs and coffeess and wineries and walks on the beach are all on the menu.

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