Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cool School Race Camp pics

This is Tom, a kid from Busso who had done plenty of homework preparing for the camp, to the extent he had prepared a file called "The Winner's Guide to the Cool School Race Camp" containing maps and timetables and copies of the photos I had posted on the CSRC blog as clues for any kids who went looking for extra info before the camp. More impressive than that even was that he had found a page with the password to last year's internet quiz!
He thought I'd be mad but far from being mad I was just impressed at the work he'd done in preparation for the camp.

Wade at Arena Joondalup, the venue for camp site 1. There were 200 kids camped in tents all over the oval, and to everyone's surprise, the sprinklers did not come on in the middle of the night!! It did rain though!

My favourite photo from the camp, an action shot of the kids trying to catch one of the tennis balls in order to be allowed to start the race on the final day. I hit them as high and hard as I could and the pack went up for the mark, and occasionally someone actually caught one. Most times they didn't!

A couple of the staff holding items that the kids traded their red paper clips for. Emulating the guy in America who managed to trade a red paper clip for a house, each group started with a clip and the challenge to trade up! And trade up they did! The most impressive trade was the group who managed to get two tickets to Kylie Minogue's concert (which was on in Perth tonight)

More tennis ball action.

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