Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Quicksand Victory

We won our first game of beach volleyball tonight! We being "Quicksand" a team comprising Myself, Carolyn, Gerard and the newly adopted Simmo, plus Laurie if he ever turns up after outrigger canoeing which happens at about the same time. We lost the first set but came back well to win the second and third and record our first win of the season. Sport Boy did a fantastic job as ball boy, retrieving the ball before it rolled into Geographe Bay. For more updates and action shots visit bussobeachvolleyball. Carolyn and the others have stayed on to do duty while I came home for dinner, now I'm off to drive the taxi for a few hours. I said I could do some extra shifts over the holidays so I'm driving on a Wednesday night for the first time, not sure how busy it will be but apparently there's a busy period when the pubs shut around 11.00pm. The extra money will be handy coming up to Christmas.

One more thing before I go, we are getting some sort of system upgrade on the computer network at school and have been told that all of our email history will be wiped! This has sent a few of us into a mild panic, both the registrar and the principal were trying to save their email accounts today when I called in. I've bought an external hard drive to store stuff on but none of us is sure how to do it other than by transferring each folder over separately. If anyone out there has a short cut they can suggest please leave me a comment.


Anonymous said...

G'day Marcus. If you have been using Outlook or outlook express at work, I can tell you how to copy the entire file, (addresses, emails, attachments etc), but is best if you phone me)

Zaac said...

if you're using thunderbird there's a way to do this as well but you will probably lose emails with attachments ie videos and so on, i lost half my collection of jokes last time i switched lap tops, gutted!!

Marcus said...

I use outlook at work, Thunderbird at home. I'll call you Phil.

Anonymous said...

E-mail me with your snail mail address!

-Joshua Brinen