Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day

8.00 Gave in to Sport Boy's requests for permission to wake the rest of the family up so we(he) could open the Christmas presents. Pretty civilised starting time.

Got very appropriate T-shirt with caption "I don't do mornings" amen!

Also got blank canvas and frame for future masterpiece, camping towel and torch, all good, plus Toblerone, always a winner.

Sophie's comment upon opening gift with neclace "That's the most random thing I've ever seen"
Carolyn- crushed! (She has such good and ernest intentions but sometimes misjudges what someone else will like!) Source of much amusement for the rest of the day.

9.00 Dad rang from Queensland, good long chat about Christmas, blogging, wedding plans (2 nieces/grand-daughters getting married a week apart in March) and my on-going quest to encourage him to go on a trip to the States before he is too old.

10.00 BBQ Brunch, prawns, bacon, hash browns, kebabs al fresco, Christmas in Australia style.

10.30 The Heir rang from cold foggy England, spoke to all the family. He is staying on in old Blighty for another 6 months so won't be home for the holidays. His Mum is missing him, several comments and hints about coming home. I said, stay away as long as you can, travel, see the world, see and do as much as you can while you can.

12.00 Started taxi shift (First time in my life I've ever worked on Christmas Day) Deadly quiet for first 2-3 hours then all of a sudden it got busy, compounded by me taking the phone calls via the Two-Way for the first time, added a new dimension of stress to the job. Less drunks, more families, lots of wheel chair taxi jobs.

5.30 Knocked off from cab, came home, Carolyn wanting to leave for BBQ at Stu and Deb's right away. She went with the boys, I stayed and had a nana nap in my Christmas present recliner chair.

7.30 Jordan came home to get me.

7.45 Got to Stu and Deb's to find no-one else had arrived yet!
Karas turned up few minutes later. Stu cooked feast of prawns, steak, chicken etc, more Aussie style Christmas al fresco dining.

9.00 Went to pick up Sophie from work, she reported they'd been "flat-ouit" and it was "nuts".
Quick stop to update blog, now heading back to the barbie.

Merry Christmas everyone.l


Peter said...

Hey I don't recall an age limiting factor being discussed!!!!!!!!

Marcus said...

"You don't recall" I rest my case!

Zaac said...

where are these mythical photos then?? come on, i want to see what you guys got for christmas

Marcus said...

That's cheek! Coming from the King of "No Photos" on my blog!!
We're at Nan's place so the photos will have to wait until we get home.

Zaac said...

ive got a whole blog for photos, if you check it you may find some interesting stuff on there!! you promised photos while you were still at home "photos tomorow" was the quotation as i recall