Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mum's Home

from her big trip overseas. She and Walter spent a couple of months in Germany and America and she stayed on for an extra month in the States, hoping for snow by Thanksgiving. It didn't arrive but she had a wonderful time regardless.
She flew in to Perth yesterday, spent the night at Big Brother the Accountant's then they came home via Busselton so they could pick up her car which I borrowed when I injured my ankle.
They didn't stay long, after so long away being this close to home was too big a lure.
I came home early from my shift as a volunteer at the Busselton Ironman Triathlon so I could them before they took off for Bridgetown.
I spent the first couple of hours at the triathlon calling out the runner's names so the crowd could acknowledge them as they made the turn at the end of the run leg, and the last 3 1/2 hours applying sun cream to their shoulders, necks, ears and occasionally upon request their noses and legs as they picked up drinks, ice and food at the aid stations along the route.
I got into a rhythm so that after walking along with them for 90 seconds of sun cream application I knew where they were from, how they were feeling, whether they'd done this before and then sent them on their way with a good luck encouragement.
By the end of the day I probably had 150 different sets of dna and sweat mixed in with the sun cream as I slopped it on!! I wiped the excess off on my own legs after every 4-5 runners.
I spent a little extra time in the shower when I got home!!

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