Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Back to Normal

The Letchies returned home this morning after a lovely weekend, and took Jordan with them so he could go to drama rehearsals for beach mission tonight. He'll come home on the train tomorrow, no doubt after shopping and spending all his money in Perth. I tried to get some of the paperwork for beach mission done but started to get sleepy so went back to bed for a nanna nap. I also tried to debug the computer of a winantispyware pop-up that has been plaguing me for a few weeks. No success yet so I'll have to keep trying. I finally got to do some painting tonight, I've been wanting to for days but haven't had time. Consequently I'm up too late and will be sleeping in again in the morning. Thank goodness for holidays!
Sport Update. Tottenham beat Manchester City 2-1 away from home last night for their 4th win in a row, a rich vein of form for the often inconsistent Spurs.
Sadly, the NY Giants lost to Philadelphia and are in danger of missing the play-offs after starting the season so well.

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