Monday, March 31, 2008

The Secret to a Good Weekend

1. Sleep in. Don't feel pressure to get up.

2. Have guests in town. Go to a couple of galleries, have coffee and cake, talk and laugh.

3. Do a little work. Take a trailer load of green waste to the tip, raise the shed up on a layer of bricks so that when you pour the concrete it won't end up being in a hollow, collect water and develop rust. (Have a friend whose an engineer and used to work in a concrete company, it helps.)

4. Beat your computer nemesis at scrabble in consecutive games.

5. Go to church on Saturday night and experience the guiltless freedom of not having to get up early on Sunday morning, but get up early anyway because A. you invited the visitors round for breakfast, and B. because you forgot to put your clock back an hour when you went to bed cause daylight saving was finishing.

6. Cook breakfast on the BBQ.

7. Go to another couple of galleries, followed by coffee at The Goose overlooking Geographe Bay and a browse around the markets in the park that you didn't know were there cause you're usually at church on Sunday mornings.

8. Watch your footy team massacre their opponents by 99 points and play a brand of football that makes even one-sided slaughter a pleasure to watch.

9. Have a little snooze in the recliner chair after the sports news is finished on TV.

10. Go to a Christian men's course and learn some good stuff on Sunday evening.

11. Buy a Vanilla Diet Coke on the way home.

12. Blog about it.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds good Marcus, the football was great, we are back in Geelong and moving on to SA soon