Friday, March 14, 2008

Chocolate, Drama and Sculptures

I've been the bus driver on 2 excursions this week, on Tuesday to the Margaret River Chocolate Factory (mmmm!) and Dairy Company and today to Perth with a drama class to see a play called "Caucasian Chalk Circle" by Bertold Brecht. It was very good with some excellent young actors. After the play we took a quick trip to Cottesloe Beach to see the "Sculptures by the Sea" exhibition. The weather was a little ordinary but the sculptures were fabulous. I hope we'll get a chance to go back for a better look on the weekend, we're all going up for Alex's 40th birthday and a wedding.
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jayne said...

did you see any of the match? i was hiding behind a cushion during the penalties....absolutely gutted!!!!sob sob sob!