Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cat Haven

Having finished building THE SHED it needed a finishing touch to personalise it; what better than a heritage Cats sign from the local salvage yard. I just have to update it by adding 2007 to the list of Geelong premiership years!

Emboldened by my success in building THE SHED this afternoon I booked a cement mixer from the local hire place and on the weekend plan to pour a concrete floor into the shed. That can't be too difficult?
Then we'll be able to start the biggest job of all, sorting through all the STUFF in the carport and on the patio, working out what to keep, what to store, what to put in a garage sale, and what to take to the tip!

I may have made a critical mistake last week, by allowing Sport Boy to enter our school footy tipping comp and enter his own team in the Dream Team comp on the AFL website. Not only did he tip 6 winners to my 5 in round one, but his dream team out-scored mine by 200 points!
Hopefully just beginner's luck!

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