Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Scenes from the Weekend

"Red M" my latest painting. Sorry about the reflection, it's difficult to photograph pictures with glass, indoors the flash interferes and outdoors the reflections do the same. It's in a really nice silver frame I bought at a garage sale; it had a print in it so I cut and prepared a board to fit and painted on that. I'm really happy with it and the art teacher at school also commented very positively, even mistaking it for a Sally Morgan!! Further good news came today when the owner of a gallery in Dunsborough rang to tell me she sold a painting I had down there, for $450, my highest price yet! I've been quite productive lately so I've got a few new ones to choose from to replace it with at the gallery.
Sport Boy in action on the BUZ climbing wall at Nannup on Sunday. He did very well, not giving up when it got difficult and with a bit of coaching managed to make it to the top and ring the siren. Steve from BUZ had been telling me the other day about their new climbing wall and I was very impressed seeing it live. It's got an automated belay system meaning the operator doesn't have to manually belay every climber, and is transported on a single trailer and raised and lowered pneumatically. Very cool, I can see us utilising it at the high school.
I was pretty amused when I spotted all the leaflets littering the area around the "Friends of the Earth" stall at Nannup. To his credit, the bloke from Sea Shepherd left his whale saving duties to go and clean up the mess for them.
While we were away in Victoria last year staying at Auntie Ev's place Sport Boy scored a jar of her quince jelly to bring home. It ran out recently and he was keen for a replacement so while we were at Mum's they went and picked some quinces from Mona's place and set about making a batch for him. I was too late to capture the moment where Mum realised that the bowl full of quince juice she'd collected was too big to remove from it's resting place without tipping it sideways! By the time I got back she'd ladelled the juice out and extricated the bowl. We had a lovely relaxing weekend away. The only disappointment was finding that the local shire have indeed removed the old wooden ship from the boat park which has been the setting for many many enjoyable family games of boat soccer squash! They're both victims of risk management, duty of care and the threat of litigation! Very sad.
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