Friday, March 28, 2008

March Milestones

March is a big month for milestones in the Holt Press family.
Mrs Holt-Press was born on the 8th, in a year no longer able to be disclosed without threat of violence! Suffice to say it was before I was born.
We got married on the 29th, in 1986. The nimble-minded amongst you will have already worked out that tomorrow is our 22nd wedding anniversary. The Heir, pictured here when he was the sole heir, will be 21 on the 29th of May.
And Favourite Daughter was born on the 24th, having celebrated her 19th birthday on Easter Monday. Check out that gorgeous curly hair!
Scenes from our wedding day, in Geelong, our spiritual home! The black and white photos were my idea and this one won an award and featured in a photographic magazine. My brother Bruce was best man and the wedding was performed by our dear friend Skip who has since moved back home to America, but is an occasional reader of my blog. Hi Skip and Terry! 22 years seems to have flown by! Shame I can't fit into that suit any more!

1 comment:

Skip Joannes said...

Hi Marcus,

It was a great honor to do your wedding. It went off pretty well for being my first one!

We love you guys and must get together before the end of time.

Skip Joannes