Monday, March 24, 2008

The Shed Takes Shape

The shed building has begun!

Yesterday I spread a load of sand and levelled out the pad, sort of! I couldn't find my level, which is tiny anyway, it wasn't billiard table standard but at least it creates the impression of being the sort of thing you could build a shed on.

The walls are all up, a tricky operation in windy conditions, requiring the help of all members of the family at various times.
The centre beam is in place and more solid now that I drilled holes and put bolts right through it and the brackets it sits in. The original small screws for the purpose didn't seem convincing, especially as we had a hard time aligning the holes.

I broke about half a dozen drill bits whilst drilling out all the pop rivets in readiness for the next, and most challenging stage, putting the door frame together and rehanging the doors. It is a complex puzzle and made out of heavy and awkward material. The Heir and I scratched our heads over it for quite a while this afternoon, and it was only after he went to work that I managed to work out which bits go where. I'm not saying his departure had anything to do with the breakthrough...

A blackout stopped me in my tracks with the drilling process so I adjourned to the park with Sport Boy to kick the footy. That ended in a bit of a drama, prompting SB to descibe it as the 3rd worst day of his life! I'm sworn to secrecy re. the details.

Hopefully tomorrow I will manage to reassemble the doors and door frame and get them secured. After that will come the roof, and as soon after that as possible, we'll pour a concrete floor in and make the whole thing permanent!

Meanwhile, Mrs Holt-Press spent the day weilding pruning shears and a tree lopping saw and performed radical surgery on the trees and bushes down the side of the house, marvelling over the size of the branches she cut down and dragged off the roof!

Tomorrow is Favourite Daughter's 19th birthday so the day won't be devoted entirely to shed building. The plan is to go for a picnic somewhere, perhaps Meelup. We need to pick up Fashion Boy from Dunsborough where he's been staying at a friends place for a couple of days anyway so Meelup makes sense.

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