Monday, March 24, 2008

Favourite Daughter's Birthday Picnic

My little girl is growing up rapidly, today is her 19th birthday. To celebrate we went on a picnic to a lovely littlepark in west Busselton. It's an undiscovered gem in the town, with well kept gardens, lawns and picnic tables beneath beautiful shady trees. We played bocce after we ate, then Mrs Holt-Press and I went for a walk down a long winding lane with the wetlands nature reserve on one side and houses and backyards on the other. To our surprise the lane kept going and going, with pleasant scenery and birdlife all along the way. We must have been gone a little too long for the kids because the Heir came looking for us and when we got back the picnic gear was all packed away and the kids were sitting in the car waiting to go home!

I am pleased to report that the shed is really taking shape. The walls are all up, the doors are hung,and the beams are in place. All that's left to do is put the roof on! Yeehaa! There is the small matter of the 4 lengths of angle iron that I can't find a home for! They can't be critical surely! This time tomorrow I reckon it'll be finished!!!
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