Monday, March 03, 2008

Bridgetown Blogger

We're in Bridgetown at Mum and Walter's place for the night. Enroute we stopped at Nannup for a look around. The Nannup Music Festival was on so there was a bit more activity than usual. Sport Boy climbed the BUZ climbing wall and we looked at the range of stalls in the market, mostly run by hippies and counter-culture types. The music playing from the stage area was just a little too "country" for our liking though I did pick up a bit of a bargain for Dad, he's got a birthday soon.

Sport Boy got a jar of quince jelly and Mrs Holt Press got a dress. I got a skull badge from the Sea Shepherd stand, the people trying to disrupt the Japanese whalers recently.

Since we got here we've eaten and talked and watched Australia lose the cricket and then played a very awkward game of Yahtzee with only 4 dice. I don't recommend it, and that's not just because I came last!!!

Sport Boy felt ill quite suddenly after dinner (I'm sure there was no connection cause we all ate the same thing and the rest of us were fine) but he fell asleep quickly once I put him to bed and we haven't heard from since.

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Peter said...

Oooh,oooh, what is it, watdidjagetme???