Thursday, March 20, 2008

Skipper, Sister

I passed my skipper's ticket practical test this arvo, much to my amazement. I can now legally take the boat out, if I can work out how to get it started that is! And I clear all the junk out of it!

The day's good news was overshadowed by the bad news though. My sister Vicki was recently diagnosed with Cushing's Disease. Blood tests today confirmed that the cause is a tumour on her pituitary gland. Although it's probably not cancerous, it will require a 3 hour operation and on-going treatment.

The pituitary controls hormone production in the bo
dy so surgery and/or chemotherapy can have a significant impact on it's functioning. There are more tests to be done before a treatment is prescribed but it's pretty serious and concerning for all the family.

Vicki drew the shortest of short straws when it came to health problems in our original family. Mum and Dad have been healthy all their lives and Alan Bruce and I have had almost no sickness or illness problems at all while Vicki has suffered a long list of problems dating back many years. She is pretty tough and is not about to take this lying down. Hopefully the doctors will be able to treat it effectively.
I'll be praying for her, and them.


Peter said...

I'm glad you know about Vicki Marcus I rang this morning but everyone had left so I rang Auntie Merle and had one of my total failure conversations so I'm glad you weren't home.

Margaret said...

Hi Marcus, I also am praying for your family, Vicki and doctors.
God Bless Margaret