Friday, March 07, 2008


You may remember about 12 months ago we were given a boat.
Some friends thought it would be a good idea.
At the time so did I.
We do live on beautiful, and tranquil, Geographe Bay and a boat didn't sound like a bad idea.

However, I've never been much of a boat person and even owning one hasn't altered that.

The boat is sitting in our carport, exactly where it has been since we got it.
The only time its been wet is when the reticulation is on and there's an easterly blowing (which is a whole other story for a whole other time).

Its only useful purpose to date has been as a storage facility. Things we don't know where to put end up in the boat.
The kids have given up asking me when we're going to take the boat out.

In my defence, quite apart from being a dedicated landlubber, I have also been prevented from taking my maiden voyage by the absence of a Recreational Skipper's Ticket which is now a legal requirement for all boat users in this state.

However, I'm pleased to announce that despite the second-guessing doubts and reverse psychology so much a part of taking a multiple choice exam, tonight I passed the theoretical component of my Skipper's Ticket!!!

All I need now is to pass the practical test!!!

Considering I've never taken a boat out before that may not be so easy....

I'll keep you posted.


Peter said...

You are one step further up the legal ladder than I am Marcus, however on a practical level I am way ahead of you... now that's an intolerable situation so I expect to hear of your aquatic adventures very soon.
BTW me being the non-swimming variety (made of rock like substance) makes my aquatic prowess no greater but should serve as an extra incentive, who knows you may even discover the joy of fishing!!!

Merle said...

Hi Marcus ~~ Good luck with the boat
and do take great care. I found a new site for Computer advice and one of the first 3 posts was about buying a Computer. I found it on Granny's
blog. Looks interesting.


Take care, Regards, Merle.